Salmon slides to a hat-trick!

Above: Lots of Super Twos ready for the restart 


On April Fool’s Day, the Super Twos ventured to Arlington Stadium for a domestic meeting. This meeting was a chance for the newer drivers to learn the raceway before the Southern Championship in May. Heat One saw the now Blue Graded #579 Dan Harris take command in the early/middle stages of the race, before tangling with a backmarking #218 James Kinton. This meant that #7 Jordan Salmon inherited the lead before he got into some trouble with some backmarkers with two-to-go, and Harris passed him once again, before having another tangle, relegating him to 3rd, while Salmon took the flag. Newcomer, #242 Sam Powell took his first ever podium with a second place finish.

Leader #579 Dan Harris tangles with #267 Danielle Weaver and #H1 Adam Palmer, as #7 Jordan Salmon avoids all three

Early on in heat two veteran racer #711 Andy Hopkins lost control coming out of turn two, infront of the pack, and #979 Seamus Cushnahan unfortunately collected Hopkins. The yellow flags were called to aid an injured Hopkins. Luckily, Hopkins walked out with only minor injuries. When the race restarted it seemed as though many drivers were now getting to grips with the wet surface, it looked to be as though #242 Powell could take the victory, until a flying Salmon managed to catch him and moved him out of the way. Powell spun on turn one while Salmon took the lead. Later, #267 Danielle Weaver joined the car park forming on turns 1 & 2. As the half-way mark passed, superstar graders #45 Jacob Skipper and #761 Matthew Smith crashed into the pile-up. With the track virtually blocked, the yellows came out, meaning Salmons lead was now shortened. After a controversial restart, Salmon held the lead from #979 Seamus Cushnahan and #213 Steve Kinton, and the top three stayed the same until the chequered flag. 

Many drivers join the turn two car park!

Most of the final was led by #466 Ryan Burksfield, until his wing started to fall off. With Salmon closing quickly, eager to win all three races that day, it looked as though it was going to be a close finish. However, when the lap boards came out, Burksfield was forced to retire due to the wing hanging on only one bolt. As he retired, the wing and back panel fell off, and Salmon took the lead and eventually the victory, meaning he took a hattrick of wins. #761 Matthew Smith finished second while #325 Rob Pellett took the final spot on the podium.

#7 Jordan Salmon takes a hattrick of wins

Fastest Laps:

Heat 1 – #579 Daniel Harris – 23.830s

Heat 2 – #7 Jordan Salmon – 19.794s

Final – #325 Robert Pellett – 19.648s

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