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As we enter our eleventh year of affordable, competitive and friendly motor racing we warmly welcome you to the world of the Super Twos!

Established as a smaller, more cost effective version of a Superstox/Formula 2 racing car the Super Twos formula has developed season by season with more drivers and evolved cars for both Adults and Juniors.

We will be visiting multiple different tracks in 2024. Northampton Shaleway and Mildenhall Stadium will see us returning to shale surfaces after a short break. South of London we will be racing at Arlington Stadium near Eastbourne and Aldershot Raceway, just around the corner from Spedeworth HQ. Yarmouth Stadium, considered our spiritual home, has several dates in the calendar where we entertain the regular and holiday crowds under the floodlights, on the bill with the classic classes of stock car and banger racing.

View our calendar to see where we will be racing and when!

Learn more about the Super Twos, our drivers and the history of the formula by browsing our website and, if you are interested in racing with us, find out about our stock car hire service.

Whether you’re a driver or racing fan in the stands we look forward to seeing you trackside!

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Aldershot Raceway
We’ll be visiting tarmac and shale tracks in East Anglia, the Midlands and the south.


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Aldershot Raceway
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Latest News

Salmon slides to a hat-trick!

Salmon slides to a hat-trick!

Above: Lots of Super Twos ready for the restart    On April…
Three-in-a-Row for Smith

Three-in-a-Row for Smith

Above: The top three in the British Championship at Aldershot – 3rd…
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A message from our founder

John Smith
"Racing has always been a huge part of my life and it was while watching Superstox that the idea of a smaller version came about. I wanted to create a formula where all cars were equal, putting the emphasis on driving. The oval racing world is a close, family-orientated community so I wanted this new class of car to be cost-effective and to appeal to all age groups and levels of experience, from first-timers through to retired drivers that found they just couldn't give up! And best of all you can race these brilliant cars with some of the lowest running costs to be found anywhere in motorsport!"
John Smith
#116 John Smith, multiple Superstox champion and founder of the Super Twos formula
Courtney Smith and Matt Smith

Some words from past and present drivers

Duncan Adams
"The Super Twos have given me the chance to come back to racing without the big price tags and endless hours in the garage between meetings, competing with a great group of people and nicely presented cars."
#32 Duncan Adams (former-Superstox racer)
March 2022
Daniel Boys
"Super Twos offers the kind of level playing field that other stock car formulas can't provide. The cars look good, are simple to maintain and affordable to purchase and run. This is the place to be for newcomers looking to find a way into racing or experienced drivers who want to race at a very reasonable budget. The category has a great future."
#38 Daniel Boys
February 2016
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"Super Twos is a fantastic formula not only for new drivers with no racing experience but also drivers that are struggling with the time and cost of other formulas. The atmosphere in this formula is well known for being very friendly and fun. All cars are as close to identical as possible and strictly controlled to keep the racing close and fair regardless of your budget."
February, 2018
Paul Sweeney
"Super Twos are fantastic fun to race. The cars are all equal and their drivability makes them perfect for everyone from rookies to experienced racers. The racing is close and clean and most importantly fair. The series is very cost effective and is closely cost controlled to keep budgets down. I can't wait for the 2016 season."
February, 2016
Kelvin Hassell
"Super Twos drivers are a friendly bunch of hard but fair racers, the cars are tricky to learn but enormously satisfying to drive. Above all its a fun days' motorsport!"
#13 Kelvin Hassell (BriSCA F1 driver)
March 2016