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# 217 Joshua Dent and #380 Nina Cayzer (above) fought in a season-long points championship battle with them sharing the honours all season whilst Matthew Smith won the national points with many junior graduates taking championships in the adults. Many new tracks also visiting throughout the year.


Daniel Boys

#16 Courtney Smith fights a season-long battle with #300 Tristan Jackson before taking the National Points Championship crown at the final meeting of the year at Yarmouth Stadium. #38 Daniel Boys (above) won twice at Aldershot.


Matt Cotter

#761 Matt Smith, son of our formula’s founder John, wins the National Points Championship. Matt Cotter (above) races the #23 car in honour of his father, Tim.


Courtney Smith

A shorter season of racing with a series of points races and no overall Points Championship, #160 Jacques West was the man to beat. #16 Courtney Smith (above) was one of the drivers challenging for wins at every meeting.


Andy Hopkins

The Junior Super Twos grid grows with more younger drivers hungry for wins and titles. Adult and Junior classes entertain Spedeworth and Incarace crowds throughout the year. Above: #711 Andy Hopkins prepares for a race at Yarmouth.


Kayleigh Glover at Aldershot Raceway in 2018

#81 Paul Cook wins the National Points Championship. New drivers included Nick Glover and daughter Kayleigh (pictured).


Daniel Boys, Danielle Weaver and Ollie Dance at Aldershot Raceway

#515 Craig Driscoll takes the National Points title, with more drivers joining the grid. Above: Southern Championship top-three.


Aldershot Raceway

Additional venues were added in 2016 as the formula expands, including visits to Aldershot Raceway (above) and the legendary Wimbledon Stadium, racing at the London track under the floodlights.


Racing throughout the year swapped between Swaffham Raceway and Arena Essex, under the latter’s ‘Rolling Thunder Show’ promotion. #515 Craig Driscoll dominates the year, F2 racer #231 Matt Clayton (pictured) also stars.