Adults Southern Championship

Eastbourne May 1st 2023

Jordan Salmon was making his debut in the formula having purchased the old hire car, and won the first heat from the blue grade, showing that his Superstox history hadn’t been forgotten. Rob Pellett took 2nd on his home track and Craig Marchant was third.

In the second heat, there was waved yellows at half way, for James Kinton who had hit the wall hard, and the remaining few laps were very entertaining between 85, 325, 300 & 761. Craig Marchant was the first across the line but had been black flagged for a flapping wheel guard, and so the win was given to Matt Smith with Rob Pellett second.

The final was the Southern Championship and this race had everything. A full restart on lap 1 after the white graders got tangled up in the middle of the corner. A second waved yellow on lap 5 for the stranded 107 Kiereen Thomas. With 4 laps to go Craig Marchant was leading from Matt Smith & Seamus Cushnahan, when the race was again stopped for a pile up involving Rob Pellett. Only ten cars made the restart and it had started to rain making the track very greasy. Several cars got caught out on the first corner and spun out. Matt Smith took the lead with three to go, with Stewart Adams looking fast in the wet and taking fourth behind Craig Marchant and Seamus Cushnahan. On the last lap Stewart Adams tried to overtake 979 and 85 in one corner and just got a bit tangled and both he and Seamus were left facing the wall with no reverse gear. Only six cars managed to finish the race from the 20 that started and Matt Smith added the Southern Championship to his growing collection of silverware.

Final Result 761, 85, 446, 466, 33, 213, NOF

Fastest Lap Heat 1: 761
Fastest Lap Heat 2: 16
Fastest Lap Final:  325