Our 2024 racing dates are presented below. As always please check with the respective promoter before travelling.


Sunday 25/02Aldershot Raceway
Saturday 16/03HednesfordMidland Championship
Sunday 24/03AldershotBritish Championship
Monday 01/04Arlington Stadium
Saturday 06/04Mildenhall StadiumShale Championship QR
Sunday 07/04Mildenhall StadiumShale Championship QR & Tim Cotter Memorial
Thursday 30/05Yarmouth Stadium
Sunday 23/06Northampton ShalewayShale Championship QR
Wednesday 17/07Arlington StadiumEnglish Championship
Thursday 01/08Yarmouth Stadium
Saturday 17/08Mildenhall StadiumShale Championship QR
Sunday 18/08Mildenhall StadiumShale Championship
Thursday 29/08Yarmouth StadiumNational Championship
Wednesday 11/09Arlington Stadium
Sunday 21/09Lochgelly RacewayScottish Championship
Sunday 13/10Hednesford Raceway
Sunday 27/10Yarmouth StadiumEast Anglian Championship


Date Venue Titles
17/03 Hednesford Hills Raceway
07/04 Mildenhall Stadium Shale Championship QR
08/04 Mildenhall Stadium Tim Cotter Memorial & Shale Championship QR
19/05 Hednesford Hills Raceway Midland Championship
23/06 Northampton Shaleway Shale Championship QR
14/07 Aldershot Raceway English Championship
04/08 Yarmouth Stadium British Championship
17/08 Mildenhall Stadium Shale Championship QR & East Anglian Championship
18/08 Mildenhall Stadium Shale Championship Final
01/09 Aldershot Raceway
13/10 Hednesford Hills Raceway National Championship