Yarmouth 5th March 2023

Yarmouth 5th March

Juniors (English Championship)

With all the major title holders being too old for the Juniors, the first meeting of the year was the English Championship to find the first star grade driver of 2023. The heats were run and the points scored were used to make up the grid for the final.

Reuben Dodson won both the heats from the Blue grade with Josh Dent and Nina Cayzer getting the second placings. The grid for the final was 24, 217, 380, 300, 507, 45, 124, 221, 2.

24 led them away on a wet track and 217 run wide on the first corner letting 380 get onto the bumper of 24. As they crossed the line for lap 1, 217 pushed 24 and 380, and 24 slid into the fence and couldn’t get out. On lap 3 Jacob Skipper took the lead pushing 380 wide and 217 also got by 380. On lap 4 217 again ran wide on the Caister bend and 380 went through into 2nd. Then 45 did the same on lap 5 gifting the lead to 380. 45 and 217 were having a good battle for 2nd when 45 pushed 217 into the parked 24 car, and spun himself in the process. This allowed 300 into 2nd. 217 retook 2nd with 3 to go, but 380 was the only comfortable driver on a very wet track, and won the English Championship by a long way.

Final Result: 380, 217, 45, 300, 507, 124, 2, 221 NOF

Heat 1 Fastest lap 217
Heat 2 Fastest lap 217
Final Fastest lap    217

Yarmouth 5th March


Stewart Adams was making his debut in the adults having moved up from the Juniors as English Champion. He comfortably won the first heat on a dry track from the white grade, and just managed to hold on to the lead on the final lap from Courtney Smith and Duncan Adams, in the second heat on a slippery track. In the final Stewart started from the yellows and his father Duncan caught him up fairly quickly on a very wet track and won by a large margin. Stewart was 2nd and Tristan Jackson was third.

Final Result: 320, 32, 300, 16, 405, 979, 213, 69, 218, 107,

Heat 1 Fastest lap 300
Heat 2 Fastest lap 16
Final Fastest lap    16